Take, for example, the many mostly nighttime UFO reports from the midwestern and southeastern United States in the summer of 1965: Witnesses in Texas reported "multicolored lights" and large aerial objects shaped like eggs or diamonds. By the time of the hearing, Blue Book had identified and explained 95% of the reported UFO sightings. According to Secretary Harold Brown of the Air Force, Blue Book consisted of three steps: investigation, analysis, and the distribution of information gathered to interested parties. In response to the Condon Committee's conclusions, Secretary of the Air Force Robert C. Seamans, Jr. announced that Blue Book would soon be closed, because further funding "cannot be justified either on the grounds of national security or in the interest of science. No UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security.

6020. In "Unidentified Flying Objects." from France」となっており、記事内容もスポーツ新聞風の書き方になっている。正確な基本情報だけを知りたい場合は元のフランス語版を読むほうが良い。CNESの発表はOVNIの情報であり、OVNIが一体何なのか?ということについては憶測や断定はしていない。CNESの発表は、OVNIを研究する人々のために、飛行物体の目撃報告を、①人工衛星などと具体的に立証できる現象、②(ありきたりの)説明がつく現象、③信ぴょう性が低い、④いずれでもなく未確認、と分類した場合に、どういう割合になっているか、ということを、脚色をふくめないように、そのままに提供しているのである。, Project Sign, Project Grudge (USA, 1947–1949), Flying Saucer Working Party (UK, 1950–1951), Project Magnet, Project Second Story (Canada, 1950–1954), Project Blue Book Special Report No. About 22% were deemed "unknown", down from the earlier 28% value of the Air Force studies. In addition, sightings were broken down into six different characteristics — color, number, duration of observation, brightness, shape, and speed — and then these characteristics were compared between knowns and unknowns to see if there was a statistically significant difference. 55) Electronic Record. Excerpt from. Civilian UFO research group NICAP had publicly charged Blue Book with covering up UFO evidence, and had also acquired a few allies in the U.S. Congress. Captain George T. Gregory took over as Blue Book's director in 1956. A few years later, however, Hynek's opinions about UFOs changed, and he thought they represented an unsolved mystery deserving scientific scrutiny.

[4], Ruppelt was the first head of the project. One of these men was Gen. Charles P. Cabell. 14" (see summary below). ミミの親友。ファッショナブルでゴージャスな謎の女性。買い物中に偶然出会い、意気投合する。密かにハイネック家を盗聴したり(第2話)、空軍の情報を盗み出そうとする(第4話)。, スージーの夫(カリー・グレアム) Under Ruppelt's direction, Blue Book investigated a number of well-known UFO cases, including the so-called Lubbock Lights, and a widely publicized 1952 radar/visual case over Washington D.C.. [10] They began following the object (which they reported sometimes descended as low as 50 feet), and police from several other jurisdictions were involved in the pursuit. "Unidentified Flying Objects."

Ruppelt referred to the era of Project Grudge as the "dark ages" of early USAF UFO investigation. Some conjecture that the analysts may simply have had trouble accepting their own results or may have written the conclusions to satisfy the new political climate within Blue Book following the Robertson Panel. One way that Gregory reduced the number of unexplained UFOs was by simple reclassification. Blue Book was also ordered to reduce the number of unidentified to a minimum. "[6] In his book, Ruppelt reported that he fired three personnel very early in the project because they were either "too pro" or "too con" one hypothesis or another. Inadequate use had been made of the Project scientific consultant [Hynek himself].

Project Sign was succeeded at the end of 1948 by Project Grudge, which was criticized as having a debunking mandate.

Eventually, Ruppelt requested reassignment; at his departure in August 1953, his staff had been reduced from more than ten (precise numbers of personnel varied) to just two subordinates and himself. Hynek was to later declare that Sleeper's letter was "the first time in my 20 year association with the air force as scientific consultant that I had been officially asked for criticism and advice [regarding] ... the UFO problem."[14]. ハイネック博士の息子。「フラッシュ・ゴードン」のファン。, スージー・ミラー(クセニア・ソロ) Lt. Col. Robert J. In the end, the Condon Committee suggested that there was nothing extraordinary about UFOs, and while it left a minority of cases unexplained, the report also argued that further research would not be likely to yield significant results. There was no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as "unidentified" were extraterrestrial vehicles. ハイネック博士の妻。息子のジョエルを育てながら、UFO研究で留守がちな夫を常に心配している。核戦争や夫の不在に不安を覚え、買い物中に偶然知り合ったスージーに信頼を寄せるようになる。, ジョエル・ハイネック(ニコラス・ホームズ) Hynek. [26] Hynek remarked that he has "not seen any evidence to confirm" extraterrestrials, "nor do I know any competent scientist who has, or who believes that any kind of extraterrestrial intelligence is involved." Project Blue Book officially determined[10] the witnesses had mistaken Jupiter or bright stars (such as Rigel or Betelgeuse) for something else. In part, he wrote: Despite Sleeper's request for criticism, none of Hynek's commentary resulted in any substantial changes in Blue Book. 6008. They also broke down knowns and unknowns into four categories of quality, from excellent to poor.

元ナチス・ドイツのミサイル開発者。第二次世界大戦後にドイツからアメリカ合衆国に移住し、研究活動を行った。アポロ計画など「アメリカ宇宙開発の父」として知られる。米ソの宇宙開発競争の代名詞的な人物。※第4話に登場, よ~やくクイン大尉がUFOの存在を認めて、ハイネック博士とのコンビ愛も強まり、いよいよこれからストーリーが動き出すぞ!ってところで終わりました。, わたしはSFは好きなんだけど、実はUFOにはあんまり興味がなくてですね……毎回同じような話ばかりなので、途中でちょっと飽きてしまいました(ゴメンナサイ)。, 思わせぶりなカットが多い割には、いっこうに物語が進まないし、何ひとつ謎が解明されないのでちょっとイライラしました。たぶんこういう構成の作品なんだろうね。, 複雑な人間模様やドラマチックなストーリー展開を期待すると、ガッカリするかもしれません。UFO好きな人は楽しめると思うけど。, ミミに惚れてしまったスージーが、ミミを守るために夫を殺すところ、ちょっとカッコよかった(本当に夫かどうか怪しいけど)。, ミミに関わったばかりにスージーの夫に殺されてしまった隣人のドナは不憫だった……。ドナの夫は共産党員の濡れ衣を着せられて、逮捕されてしまうし(これスージーの仕業ですよね)。, ハーディング大将はソ連と戦争したがっていて、新兵器開発のためにUFOを利用している、ってことでいいんでしょうか?, あまり1話完結ものが好きではないので、これ以上同じような話が続いたら継続するのは辛いかも……。とりあえずシーズン2を待ちます。.

Therefore, they recommended the Air Force de-emphasize the subject of UFOs and embark on a debunking campaign to lessen public interest.

Sign was officially inconclusive regarding the cause of the sightings. Ultimately, Project Blue Book stated that UFOs sightings were generated as a result of: In April 2003, the USAF publicly indicated that there were no immediate plans to re-establish any official government UFO study programs. There has been a lack of attention to significant UFO cases ... and too much time spent on routine cases ... and on peripheral public relations tasks. Yet, while he found it highly likely that intelligent life existed beyond earth, he had no hard evidence of any extra terrestrial visitation. Grudge concluded that all UFOs were natural phenomena or other misinterpretations, although it also stated that 23 percent of the reports could not be explained. Wright-Patterson was also to be the home of Project Sign and all subsequent official USAF public investigations. (See also extraterrestrial hypothesis.) Blue Book's explanation was widely criticized as inaccurate. The apparent irresponsibility and the possible use of such groups for subversive purposes should be kept in mind. In his book (see external links) Ruppelt described the demoralization of the Blue Book staff and the stripping of their investigative duties following the Robertson Panel jurisdiction. 5 April 1966.

His temporary replacement was a noncommissioned officer. 6046. ハイネック博士のパートナー。第二次大戦で活躍した空軍パイロット。ハイネック博士の科学的なアプローチに対して、鋭い直感の異なる視点で真相を探る。UFOの存在は信じていないが、数々の奇妙な出来事に遭遇し戸惑う。, ミミ・ハイネック(ローラ・メンネル)


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